I have some words for life: Is life dark or fair?


I am surprised I asked you to click this link, and you did; well, don’t go yet because I am about to share some things I have learned about life.

I thought of so many things and wrote so many things in my draft, but the one that strikes me the most is the words of life by a man named Max. I have read these words so much that I have found peace in them and I hope you also do.

Click Desiderata — Words for Life by Max Ehrmann, 1927 to read the words by Max.

I hope you spend more time reflecting on the things Max said.

Till then, I remain your friend.

Erioluwa Boluwatife Adeyinka



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Erioluwa Adeyinka

Erioluwa Adeyinka


Educational sustainability and development practitioner | Educator | Leader